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Air Conditioning

Every year your air conditioning system looses charge meaning that it gets less and less efficient. It is recommended that you get it recharged every two years to ensure your system works to its full potential and remains working.

Air Conditioning Recharge

As part of our air con recharge service we pressure test your a/c system before we fill. This means that if your system has a leak we can stop and inform you before we refill with expensive refrigerant saving you money! We can also add a special dye into the system helps to detect future leaks.

Air Conditioning Systems

Due to a recent law change there are currently two different types of a/c systems. Please call us before attending to check we can service your system to avoid disappointment.

Air Conditioning Not working?

If your air conditioning is not working at all bring it to us first! Before booking it in and paying large sums for diagnostics bring it to us for a free pressure check, this is the most common cause of air con not working.


We are the cheapest around for an a/c recharge, so why not give us a call on 01983716014 and book your vehicle in with us.

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